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Last updated: Oct 11, 2021 | 08:25 CEST

Virtual Donations

Amazon wishlists:

  1. Allies Refuge Amazon Wishlist is now closed.

    Thank you to those who have donated!

    One of the person who received a pair of shoes happened to be one of our translators at the donation centre. She said the shoes are very comfortable.

    The expecting women who were craving soup really enjoyed the cup of noodles that some of you purchased.

    At Ramstein there is a "market" set-up where our guests can get needed clothing items. While it's a ticketing system, so that one doesn't have to wait too long, there is still a bit of wait. The bubbles, chalk, crayons, and coloring books have helped make the waiting time a bit bearable for the little ones.

  2. The RESA Amazon Wishlist is currently being paused, but will resume and be relisted soon.

Allies Refuge

Donations are not accepted any longer. All funds have been used.

Helping Hands for Evacuees

This organization is helping feed the evacuees at Ramstein Air Base. For more information, visit their Facebook page.

Money collected will be used to buy food, drinks, snacks, and bags.

American Red Cross

Afghan Evacuees & U.S. Military Support

Help Afghan evacuees due to the unrest in Afghanistan and our U.S. military and veterans.

samaritan's purse

Samaritan’s Purse has been partnering with organizations on the ground to get men, women, and children out of this horrific situation. We have been able to sponsor flights that have brought hundreds to safety—one of our partners made three trips that brought out 700 people in one day! We have also supported the evacuation of 80 missionary families via land routes.