Evacuee DonationS

Last updated: Sep. 15, 2021 |22:35 CEST

Ramstein Air Base Collection

Comprehensive donation plan coordinated by the First Sergeant Council

Mission Completed

Donations will not be accepted any longer. We have completed our mission. Evacuees helped: ~35000.
Thank you very much for your generosity and support! We could not have made it this far without your help.

ROB though just reopened again.

Monday, 7 Sept and on: CLOSED

Hi team. The list has been rearranged to:

  • Make it easier for all to see what's really needed by the evacuees

  • To make sure that we do not end up with too many of one thing and not enough of another

We will have three lists:

  • Alpha - High need. This is our High Demand need. This list will also be more specific, i.e. "men shirt, size medium" as an example. If you can bring these items on the day, that'll be appreciated.

  • Bravo - Need. This list is the general list, "men shirts" because in general we still need many men's shirts. If you have a size L in your closet that's in great condition, you can bring it to donate.

  • Charlie - Don't need. For now, we have enough. Do not bring these in until they get to Alpha/Bravo status.

  • Cat Z - Don't bring. Ever.

We will rotate the need list depending on how much gets donated.

Tip: The list changes quickly. We need to adjust according to inbound/outbound and the evacuees' needs. Due to this, if you plan on buying new items, please look at the list before you shop and drop your purchases off on the day. It's not ideal for those far away and wanting to donate but this is a unique situation and we need to be flexible.

Things to keep in mind

  • Bulk delivery. Please email us via our Contact Form at least 24hrs before driving over with a truck full of goods. We need to make sure we have space and people to receive the goods.

  • Please DO NOT source or shop for donation items (things for the evacuees) from AAFES/BX or DECA (Commissary). We need AAFES/BX resources for us who lives in the community. USO request below is not under this restriction.

  • Please DO NOT drop off items after hours.

  • Please make sure fabric items are clean and ready to wear, especially baby items when bringing them in. NO stains, rips, or pet hair.

  • No military clothing or with a logo of a country.

  • For children's clothing, ask yourself, “Would I put my kids in these clothes?” If no, please do not bring.

  • Sort clothes by age, gender, and/or type; this will quicken the sorting process.

  • We have limited space, please only bring in items we need below.

  • NO glass, sheets, or pillows.

  • Keep all receipts for new purchases in case things change and we do not the item(s) or, we hear news that it's going to end.



New Items

  • Men underwear

Gently Used

  • Men pants, size S - XL

  • Women clothing, size XS - L

    • Pants/leggings

    • Shirts, long/modest short sleeve size S - L

    • Head scarves

  • Sports bras


Gently Used

  • Boy pants, 2T+

  • Girl long/short sleeve shirts/tunic, 2T+

  • Boy & Girl

    • Coats/jackets

    • Hats

  • Teen sports bra

One day, 6 Sept drop-off items:

  • Bubbles

  • Chalk


New Items Need

Baby Items

  • Baby food pouches

  • Baby & toddler formula (Newborn/Pre ONLY, ideally liquid)

  • Baby spoons

Kids Items

  • Boy socks

  • Younger and older kids coloring books

  • Crayons

Gently Used Items

Adult Items

  • Men long/short sleeves shirts, size S - XL

  • Women

    • Long sleeve or modest short sleeve shirts, size S - XL

    • Women tunic/modest loose dresses

  • Bath towels, NO hand towels or wash cloths

  • Winter hats

Children Items

  • Boy long/short sleeve shirts

  • Girl pants

  • Winter hats

  • Toys (WITHOUT batteries)

    • Can't be smaller than a child's hand, e.g. no small cars.

    • Dolls (clean and gently used)

    • Coloring books

    • Crayons (NOT pencils)


These are things we don't need, please do not bring them at this time. We have collected enough and will not be accepting them anymore.


  • Baby clothes

  • Baby bottles

  • Diapers

  • Wipes

  • Shoes

  • Sleep sacks

  • Girl socks

  • Stuffed toys

  • Pedialyte

  • Underwear


  • Women clothing, size XL and above

  • Men long/short sleeves shirt, XL and above

  • Adult coats/jackets

  • Adult hats

  • Blankets

  • Shoes

  • Socks

  • Women underwear

Cat Z

Please do not bring the items below. Ever.

  • Toys that need batteries and are small in size

  • Toys with lots of parts, like legos or blocks

  • Large toys

  • Mis-matched baby/kids socks

  • Reading books

  • Summer clothing, shorts, tank tops

  • Belts

  • NOTHING sharp, to include color pencils and pencil sharpeners

  • Used underwear

  • Obsolete space satellites

DROP-OFF Location

Drop-off time
Monday - Sunday: 09:00 - 15:00

Building 1123
Corner of New York and Illinois
*Additional Parking: Across the street from the fire department

Drop Off | *Parking



USO is no longer accepting donations for evacuees. USO will continue supporting the service members and staff working through comfort/snack tables.

DROP-OFF Location

Drop-off time

Monday through Friday 10AM-3PM
Saturday and Sunday 11AM-3PM

Ramstein USO

Inside the Ramstein Passanger Terminal